LHBA December 30th, 2019 CE Registration

December 30th, 8am—Noon – 4 Credit Hours
How to Fail Your Next Rough-In

The aim of this session is to provide contractors, sub-contractors, building inspectors and designers the common problems that will cause a builders to fail their rough-in inspection. Participants will learn how to correct applications and make them code compliant. Additional material regarding the requirements of notching and boring of joists and studs for plumbing, electrical and mechanical installations will be provided. Other topics include tension ties, draftstopping, floor and wall framing techniques, and the common mistakes made regarding rafter framing and roof trusses.

Instructor: Dave Utterback, TimberTek

December 30th, 1pm—3pm – 2 Credit Hours
Working in the Right of Way…Design, Materials and Logistical Considerations

This class will feature a panel discussion with City representatives regarding working in the Right-of-Way including: Construction methods and techniques for waterline / storm and sanitary sewer connections in the ROW; Materials and design considerations for this construction; Traffic Control and Erosion control methods and requirements for working in the ROW; Sidewalk hazard tolerances, methods and materials for replacement; and Gutterline / Driveway / Sidewalk materials, methods, design and inspection in the ROW.

Instructors: Andy Ensz, Enrico Villegas, Jake Baldwin, and Steve Lashley, City of Lawrence

December 30th, 3pm—5pm – 2 Credit Hours
Business Math for Contractors

While contractors may know how to figure the slope of a drain line, height of gables or lengths of rafters, they sometimes get into trouble because they don’t know the math for the business side. In this seminar, we will cover percentages, profit, markup gross margin as well as some construction related elements that are important to calculating quantities for estimating either your costs or the price that you will quote to a client. We will discuss some of the common mistakes contractors make, and give you a list of rules to follow that you can keep on your phone to help you stay out of trouble so that you don’t do a great job, but at no profit! Bring your calculators for maximum benefit.

Instructors: Joseph Paiva and Sam Gahm, Construction Education Associates (CAE)

LHBA December 30th 2019 Seminar
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