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Lawrence Contractor 2019 Education Seminar

December 3, 2019

Location: DoubleTree—200 McDonald Drive

Check-in begins at 7:15am


2018 International Plumbing Code Update

How to Fail Your Next Rough-In

NEC General Requirements

2018 IRC Roofing Requirements


The ICC 500 Review






1– 3pm

Backflow Protection and Prevention

Grounding and Bonding with the 2017 NEC

Mechanical Air Flow & Duct Sizing

Working in the Right of Way


Current Trends in Decorative Concrete

A.M. Seminars

2018 International Plumbing Code Update (4 credit hours) 8:00am—Noon
Join us in this session when we work through the 2018 International Plumbing Code and the recent updates since the 2015 IPC was published. This class will help the attendee keep current with plumbing systems and materials. The course is designed to assist the student in obtaining knowledge through an expert in the plumbing field.
Bobby Doran, PCETX

How to Fail Your Next Rough-In (4 credit hours) 8:00am—Noon
The aim of this session is to provide contractors, sub-contractors, building inspectors and designers the common problems that will cause a builder to fail their rough-in inspection. Participants will learn how to correct applications and make them code compliant. Additional material regarding the requirements of notching and boring of joists and studs for plumbing, electrical and mechanical instal-lations will be provided. Other topics include tension ties, draftstopping, floor and wall framing techniques, and the common mistakes made regarding rafter framing and roof trusses.
Instructor: Dave Utterback, TimberTek Consulting

NEC General Requirements (4 credit hours) 8:00am—Noon
This 4 hour course is design to review the basic requirements that are found in article 90, 100 and 110 of the NEC. A focus will be on definitions that are constantly appropriate for the electricians in the field and how they apply to the electrician and the installation. Article 110 will examine the basic requirements of any installation, such as conductor material and size; interrupting rating of overcur-rent protection; mechanical execution of work; conductor terminations and splicing High leg conductor Identification; and space re-quirements around electrical equipment. At the end of the four hours lecture the student will have a review and better understanding of what is required of him/her in the field.
Verlon Myers, Crown Security and Crown Technical Training

2018 IRC Roofing Requirements (2 credit hours) 8:00am—10:00am
This class is for Roofing Contractors, General Contractors, and Framing Contractors who want a better understanding of roofing related codes. Topics to be covered will include: Licensing Requirements for Roofers, Area Estimating, Underlayment, Ventilation, Flashing, and Reroofing.
Neal Ezell, Ezell-Morgan Construction

The ICC 500 Review (2 credit hours) 10:00am—Noon
The class attendees in this session will be reviewing the primary provisions within the ICC 500-2014 Edition which is referenced by many regional jurisdictions when adopting the 2018 Code cycle. The class will cover administrative applications, structural provisions in Chap-ter 4, location of storm shelters on sites, occupancy within the shelter, egress concerns, differences between residential and non-residential, requirements for fire safety, ventilation, and review test methods. We will also discuss briefly the requirements related to Education occupancies and Storm Shelters. This presentation will be covered in lecture format.
Instructor: Jim Sherman, Johnson County Contractor Licensing, ICC Certified Building Official

P.M. Seminars

Backflow Protection and Prevention (4 credit hours) 1:00—5:00pm
Backflow is the undesirable reverse flow of non-potable (non-drinkable) water or other substances that can contaminate the drinking or public water system due to a cross connection in the piping. Preventing backflows is important for protecting drinking water quality. The basic overview will be how cross-connections occur and ways to prevent them from taking place. The course will include history of past cases that have allowed contaminants to enter the potable water system causing sickness and death. There will be an in-depth discussion on the preventable devices and assemblies used to prevent cross-connections from occurring.
Instructor: Bobby Doran, PCETX

Grounding and Bonding with the 2017 NEC (4 credit hours) 1:00—5:00pm
This session will explore the requirements contained within the NEC related to grounding and bonding of electrical systems. Attendees will navigate through the various sections in Article 250 including equipment, services, the electrode system and bonding of enclo-sures. The instructor will assist the attendee in avoiding future confusion with grounding and bonding by applying real world experi-ence and a background in design characteristics with Article 250. With many municipalities looking to transition to the 2017 NEC this class is a must to keep pace.
Instructor: Mike Panethiere, M. Panethiere & Associates, PE, University of Kansas School of Engineering

Mechanical Air Flow & Duct Sizing (4 credit hours) 1:00—5:00pm
This session is broken into 2 primary segments; the instructor will discuss heat loss-gain, especially with home heating and cooling sys-tems, focusing on how bigger is not always better. All too often oversized systems are common leading to poor air circulation and shorter life spans on equipment. Some keys areas addressed are:

• Differentiate from your competition

• Provide a higher quality installation

• Save a customer money

• Improve comfort in the home

• Create fiercely loyal customers

The second segment will focus on duct sizing. Spending money on high efficiency systems without a properly sized duct system does not allow the equipment to work as efficiently as planned. This session will focus on properly sized supply and return systems which also will address high humidity, high energy costs, increased noise levels and poor indoor air quality.
Instructor: Eric Kjelshus, Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling

Working in the Right of Way…Design, Materials and Logistical Considerations* (2 credit hours) 1:00—3:00pm
This class will feature a panel discussion with City representatives regarding working in the Right-of-Way including: Construction meth-ods and techniques for waterline / storm and sanitary sewer connections in the ROW; Materials and design considerations for this con-struction; Traffic Control and Erosion control methods and requirements for working in the ROW; Sidewalk hazard tolerances, methods and materials for replacement; and Gutterline / Driveway / Sidewalk materials, methods, design and inspection in the ROW.
Instructors: Andy Ensz, Enrico Villegas, Jake Baldwin, and Steve Lashley, City of Lawrence
*This class is pending approval for non-code credit for Johnson County continuing education credit.

Current Trends in Decorative Concrete* (2 credit hours) 3:00—5:00pm
This is a program featuring residential decorative concrete methods, materials and applications. The instructor will discuss colored concrete, stamped or textured finishes, exposed aggregate finishes, integral colors in concrete, stained applications for concrete sur-faces and all related methods to achieve architectural & aesthetical appeal. All materials associated with decorative flatwork, counter-tops, vertical surfaces including specialty sealers for final finishes will be studied.
Instructor: Chris Sullivan, ChemSystems, Inc.
*This class is not accredited for Ottawa continuing education credit.

LHBA December 2019 Seminars

AM Seminars

2018 International Plumbing Code Update - Member
2018 International Plumbing Code Update - Non-Member
How to Fail Your Next Rough-In - Member (FULL)
How to Fail Your Next Rough-In - Non-Member (FULL)
NEC General Requirements - Member
NEC General Requirements - Non-Member
2018 IRC Roofing Requirements - Member
2018 IRC Roofing Requirements - Non-Member
The ICC 500 Review - Member (FULL)
The ICC 500 Review - Non-Member (FULL)

PM Seminars

Backflow Protection and Prevention - Member
Backflow Protection and Prevention - Non-Member
Grounding and Bonding with the 2017 NEC - Member
Grounding and Bonding with the 2017 NEC - Non-Member
Mechanical Air Flow & Duct Sizing - Member
Mechanical Air Flow & Duct Sizing - Non-Member
* Working in the Right of Way...Design, Materials and Logistical Considerations - Member (FULL)
* Working in the Right of Way...Design, Materials and Logistical Considerations - Non-Member (FULL)
* Current Trends in Decorative Concrete - Member
* Current Trends in Decorative Concrete - Non-Member