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Lawrence Contractor 2022 Education Seminar
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Location: Security 1st Title, 4913 Oread West Drive

11/9/2022 - ICF Construction: Design/Methods/Innovations
Instructor: Kelvin Doerr
This course will outline and detail the design and construction of residential, multi-family and commercial structures using insulated concrete forms (below and above grade). Advantages of ICF over tradition wood or steel framing method are identified, as well as ease and speed of construction using ICF. Environmental, sustainable, efficiency and durability with IFC over traditional methods will also be discussed.
11/9/2022 - Tales of Thanksgiving or Man, I am glad my lawyer is not on speed dial!
Chris is a “Kansas Country Lawyer” specializing in construction law and litigation, and served as the University of Kansas School of Law Adjunct Faculty for Construction Law. He will discuss construction legal issues and work through the mechanic’s lien process (of course, without forming an attorney-client relationship) and lessons that might be learned in order to help you avoid claims, litigation and other things, for which you can give thanks.
11/16/2022 - 2018 (and 2021) IRC Wood Wall Bracing
Instructor: Neal Ezell
This class is ideal for Architects, Class A, B and C contractors and Class D Framers. Topics to be covered will include: • Structural Loads • History and Motivations for Wind Bracing • Mechanics of Wind Bracing
• Braced Wall Lines • Braced Wall Panels • Construction Methods . One of the things that make this part of the code book so overwhelming is that it includes tables and rules for other regions that have seismic activity and higher wind speeds that do not apply to the central U.S. Attendees will receive a Quick-Reference Guide that is an abridged version of the code with the basic rules, tables and a step-by-step process for determining wall bracing requirements. Several examples will be worked in class to demonstrate the use of different tech-
11/29/2022 - THIS CLASS IS FULL Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Instructor: Verlon Myers
This 8-hour presentation on Solar Photovoltaic System is to make the audience aware of the installation requirements that are set forth in the NEC 2017 and 2020. The student will learn the definitions that are pertinent to article 690 from article 100 as well as the definitions in 690. A review of article 110 will be discussed as to what is required from this article for the installation of a solar system. The objective of this course is to provide the audience with an overview of solar and what is required when installing a solar system.
11/30/2022 - International Fuel Gas Code
Instructor: Bobby Doran
Join our instructor in reviewing the International Fuel Gas Code and the critical areas the code addresses. The attendee will be able to discuss piping tables, materials of fuel gas systems, venting and appliances. An important course for those that deal with fuel gas systems.
12/1/2022 - Essential Skills for Rising Leaders
Instructor: Tim Ryan
If you aspire to hold a leadership role or have recently assumed one, now is the time to build upon your skill set. This session will help learners gain valuable insights and take your skills up a few notches. This training will help you be the best leader you can be while also providing you the tools to develop a plan for getting even better! Objectives will focus on: • Techniques that will assist in earning respect from co-workers. • Identify and discuss skills and characteristics of successful leaders. • Develop a strategy to master these skills. • Advance your professional development by brushing up on some soft skills. • Describe what constitutes the “right mindset”. • Boost your project management skills. Our instructor has many years as a top leader in his organization and is a frequently sought after presenter. Come see if you can become a better leader for your organization or company.
12/2/2022 - Basics of Erosion and Sediment Control
Instructor: Matt Bond
Attendees will expand their understanding of soil conditions on job sites and how they impact stormwater, erosion, and built structures. The history of the Clean Water Act will be explained along with contractor responsibilities related to their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Examples of Best Management Practices for erosion and sediment management will be shown and discussed.
12/2/2022 - THIS CLASS IS FULL Inside or Out? Building a Better Residential Envelope
Instructor: Rick Jenkins
As home builders in our mixed humid climate, what are your options for new residential construction components from the ground to the roof in order to satisfy code compliance, avoid call-backs, and ensure your homeowners stay happy? Today’s home buyers have access to all the information that we have, as contractors. In his book To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink explains how we’ve moved from a world of caveat emptor, buyer beware, to one of caveat vendor, seller beware - where honesty, fairness, and transparency are often the only visible path. As a result of this class, you will be better informed on what your choices are to insulate and air seal your houses for better performance, durability, health, and comfort. This class deals specifically
with the envelope.
12/7/2022 - Heat Loss Gain for Sizing HVAC in Homes
The heat load is the amount of heat energy to be added to a building space to keep the indoor temperature within a specified range. This is the load that must be handled by the heating equipment. The heat loss calculation through a building is the single most important step in determining the size of the heating equipment. Proper sizing of heating equipment can mean savings in initial and operating cost and increased comfort to occupants.
12/7/2022 - HVAC Ductwork Sizing
In air conditioning systems the duct is considered a static component of the installation through which air flows within the building, connecting all parts of the system. Ducts can be best described as arteries of the central air-conditioning system. These play an important role in keeping the whole HVAC system fit and achieving comfortable conditions throughout its life span. Defects in a duct system can waste hundreds of dollars a year by forcing the HVAC system to run longer than necessary. Ductwork problems also make certain rooms are too hot or too cold at different times of the year, while introducing dirt and bad odors into the forced-air system.