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Lawrence Contractor 2022 Education Seminar
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Location: Security 1st Title, 4913 Oread West Drive

12/28/2022 - HVAC Design for the Demanding Homebuyer
Ever have a demanding customer who wants extra cooling? There are code compliant methods to double the size of the system and sƟll get opƟmum performance and efficiency. This class will cover the Manual J (loads determination) and different strategies for Manual S (equipment selection) along with Manual D (duct design). Is it time to go total electric? The relative performance and cost of different types of systems using different fuels will be examined.
Instructor: Neal Ezell
12/29/2022 - IRC Life and Fire Safety
This class will concentrate on the fire and life safety provisions contained in Chapter 3 of the IRC including requirements for means of egress, emergency escape and rescue, smoke detectors, CO detectors, safety glazing and fire sprinklers.
Instructor: Mike Davis