Lawrence Contractor 2019 Fall Education Seminar Registration

October 9, 3—5pm
Business Math for Contractors 2 credit hours 

While contractors may know how to figure the slope of a drain line, height of gables or lengths of rafters, they sometimes get into trouble because they don’t know the math for the business side. In this seminar, we will cover percentages, profit, markup gross margin as well as some construction related elements that are important to calculating quantities for estimating either your costs or the price that you will quote to a client. We will discuss some of the common mistakes contractors make, and give you a list of rules to follow that you can keep on your phone to help you stay out of trouble so that you don’t do a great job, but at no profit! Bring your calculators for maximum benefit.

Instructors: Joseph Paiva and Sam Gahm, Construction Education Associates (CAE)

October 22, 3—5pm
Remember These Golden Rules 2 credit hours 

This two-hour course is designed for a mixed audience seeking two hours of general continuing education in the residential electrical field. The course brings awareness to various craft’s attention, ie: home builders, plumbers, HVAC and electricians, the violations that have been seen in house wiring systems using both prior codes as well as currently adopted codes. The presentation focuses on NEC article 300 and 334 (Non-Metallic Sheath Cable). The presentation includes pictures of various types violations of house wiring and provides the audience the article from which the wiring is in violation of in the NEC. The attendees will be aware of these types of on-going violations so as to identify hazards and eliminate these errors.

Instructor: Verlon Myers, Crown

November 5, 3—5pm
Technical Training and Crown Security

Deck Design and Construction 2 credit hours

This session is designed to provide contractors, building inspectors, plan reviewers and designers with a comprehensive look at plan requirements, construction requirements and safety concerns when it comes to building decks. The program covers proper ledger attachment, beam sizing and support and joist selection as well as pier design and how to determine proper support for the deck based on tributary areas. Special applications such as attaching a deck to a house cantilever will also be covered. The program will also review the various materials that can be used in deck construction. Upon completion, participants will be able to determine required submittal information, material selection and when to seek an engineered solution when installation errors are determined.

Instructor: Dave Utterback, TimberTek Consulting

November 19, 3—5pm
Providing a Continuous Load Path to Light Frame 2 credit hours 

Wood One– and Two-story Dwellings
This two-hour continuing education course will begin by framing the problem of why we need to design buildings with continuous load paths using damage observations from the recent EF4 tornado in Linwood, Kansas. The instructor will then review the current wood design provisions in the International Residential Code, including roof and wall construction and anchorage requirements. The instructor will then introduce wood building design approaches, such as the Fortified Standard, that extend the current IRC requirements to provide a continuous load path. Examples of products, their installation guidelines, and cost tradeoffs will be provided, and examples of localities adopting these provisions will be shared. Finally, performance comparisons will be provided that demonstrate the strength to cost ratios between the current code-based design and a design that enhances the code with a continuous load path.

Instructor: Dr. Elaina Sutley, University of Kansas

Lawrence Contractor 2019 Fall Education Seminar
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